Encoutering God through the WORD

Part 2 - Encountering God through the Word

Discussing area enemy likes to attach when pursuing God in the Word and sharing ideas for using your Bible as a journal of your conversations with God.

Part 3 - Encountering God through the Word

In this final video of the 3 part series, we discuss how to pray the word back to God and the effect that it will have on your life!

Discover God - 15 mins a day is all it takes to begin...

The time it takes to watch commercials during a tv show or break time at work...this can change your life -  if you are willing.

Reading the Bible is the doorway to the Father's heart for you and the key gaining true victory.  The chronological reading plan was the plan God led me to.  With this reading plan you read the Bible in the order that the events occurred. Do you think that you are not a reader? This is a lie from your flesh. Push past the noise of your mind that says you can't do this - and seek God. The best way to push past this is to use an bible app that reads the word to you as you follow along in your bible. See links to resources below.  As you read, God will begin to renew your mind and show you who you truly are.

My free gift to you is a custom made 5x8 print out of the BLB Chronological reading plan that can be kept in your bible and used as a checklist. Click here to request yours today!

The chronological bible reading plan is compliments of the Blue Letter Bible.  You can find a PDF version of this reading plan on their site linked here

Bible Resources

YouVersion bible is excellent resource for the bible, daily devotions, scripture of the day, and reading plans.  The app can be dowloaded to your device and used to read the word to you as you follow along.  This was the tool my husband used to push past the lie that he wasn't a reader.

Blue Letter Bible is excellent resource for the bible and also has bible study tools like concordance, commentaries, and interlinear bible to dive into the Greek/Hebrew meanings of scripture.  I use this app continually to learn the depth of scripture and it is all in the palm of my hand!

What Bible Version should you use?
My personal recommendation is to start with a version that is easy to read like ESV (English Standard Version).  You can branch out to other versions as you make reading the word a daily habit.  I have read ESV, HCSB, NKJV...and they were all excellent versions.