Below are links to either apps, websites, or tools mentioned in teaching videos that may be useful to you to utilize in your walk with God! 

Blue Letter Bible

This link will take you to their website page that contains links to download their apps or has links to various tools.  But I encourage you to explore their site!  They have tons of features!   CBG has no rights or official affiliation with BLB...we just love the tool!


Bible website with link to their app download.  They have lots of great features in their app for bible reading, daily verses, devotionals and much more!  CBG has no rights or official affiliation with YouVersion...we just love the tool!

Midliner Highlighters

Great set of highlighters that won't bleed through pages. Double tipped for bold or fine highlighting that come in wide range of colors to choose from.

Washi Tape

This is craft tape that comes in many colorful designs and sizes.  It's removable and great for journaling and using for bible notations.